Critical WHS Terms in Contractor Safety Management

I am running the next LinkSafe Legal Professional Development Webinar on 22 March 2023. The session will focus on unpacking critical terms within WHS legislation that define the extent of obligations owed to and by contractors in respect of safety. It is critical to have a clear understanding of these terms as they essentially drive the parameters of how we engage with contractors, the relationship we have with them and hence the processes we implement to manage them from a safety perspective.

Misunderstanding of these terms, including reasonable practicability, control, influence and direct, PCBU, Principal Contractor is extensive and pervasive throughout contractor safety management, resulting in very complex contractor management systems that do not manage liability (and in fact may increase liability), drain resources away from operational safety management and have little impact on improving safety.

I find unless there is clarity of duties under the legislation effective contractor safety management is almost impossible, and usually misguided.
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