As the leading legal experts in contractor safety management we provide our clients with the most accurate and practical advice in respect of their liability for contractor safety management.

Management of contractor safety by principal contractors, has become unnecessarily complex through poor understanding of what the law requires.  Principal contractors (employers) are now spending an exorbitant amount of time checking contractor safety arrangements at an excessive cost, reduced productivity and often resulting in increased liability.

ContractorSAFE advice correctly reflects the law as set down by the High Court of Australia. It significantly simplifies contractor safety management procedures, demonstrates due diligence and correctly allocates responsibility for managing contractor safety resulting in greater protection for Principal Contractors in the event of an incident, while reducing costs.

We can review your current contractor safety management systems and confirm whether what you are doing is effective and advise you of efficient and effective systems into the future to ensure you are legally protected and not your wasting time and effort

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