Hotel Security Debacle – The Pain of Prequalification Without Any Benefit

A security firm engaged as part of the hotel quarantine program was prequalified by CM3, an extensive and complex online contractor prequalification program which requests extensive evidence of safety management, usually through supply of documentation in an attempt to confirm on the ground safety management. The quarantine outbreak calls into question the benefit of putting … Read more

Hotel Quarantine

So do we think there are grounds for WorkSafe Victoria to prosecute the security guard who while employed as a security guard, and owing duties under the OHS Act engaged in sexual intercourse with persons in quarantine, who are assumed to have civod until the expiry of quarantine or testing proves otherwise, recklessly exposing themselves … Read more

Some Light Reading …..

I am just preparing some content for a client presentation and rereading the above case and it is just fantastic. I really encourage anyone who wants to understand the law as it applies to Principal Contractors and their independent contractors in respect of safety to read it. It is quite long but well written and … Read more