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“The contention that a Principal Contractor is responsible for the methods of work employed by an independent contractor, including their management of safety in respect of that work is one of the greatest health and safety myths of all time. Sue Bottrell Lawyer/ Chartered OHS Professional

Contractor Safety Management on Hazardous Sites

In a fantastic workshop yesterday in Melbourne, there was a great discussion about contractor safety at hazardous worksites. In line with case law, Principal Contractors at hazardous work sites are entitled to rely upon contractors to manage risks arising from their work, BUT must take greater care to confirm that contractors are aware of site … Read more

Contractor Safety Management – The Pendulum Swings…

Now that we are all in agreement that contractors are responsible for managing their own safety, and Principle Contractors are not responsible for directing and supervising contractors work, and in fact doing so may increase the liability of a PC in the event of an incident, I am being asked: “If I see a contractor … Read more

A Weekend Teaser – Are Safety Management Systems Dead?

o many times we see “safety” activity done in the name of maintaining accreditation to a safety management system. The “System” is the end not the tool anymore. Clients tell me “but we need to do it for our auditor”. The tail wagging the dog I think. Ask yourself how much of your “system” ends … Read more

Read The Label

I am very very very concerned at the false advertising of events being held by so called safety and risk management specialists. I recently looked at a session being held by an online safety management company. The speaker is a “risk management specialist”. When I looked at his qualifications and experience, his entire career was … Read more

SWMS – A Nice Template

I am just preparing a workshop looking at the preparation of Safe Work Method Statements and have come across a template from SafeWork NSW and it is very nice. It directs the focus to high risk construction work, identifying the risks arising from the HRCW, and succinctly recording what you intend to do about it. … Read more