Hotel Security Debacle – The Pain of Prequalification Without Any Benefit

A security firm engaged as part of the hotel quarantine program was prequalified by CM3, an extensive and complex online contractor prequalification program which requests extensive evidence of safety management, usually through supply of documentation in an attempt to confirm on the ground safety management. The quarantine outbreak calls into question the benefit of putting contractors through all the pain of supplying “evidence” of safety management through documentation as part of prequalification. The core duties when engaging contractors is to do so with prudence and care by confirming that a contractor is suitably experience and qualified to undertake the work. The governments duty was to engage contractors with experience in high risk health situations and detention, the MSS website states they specialise in health sector security and medical response but not detention, the Unified website does not confirm experience in health or detention. A well designed contractor prequalification will confirm expertise, obtain assurances about risk management and clarify the duty of contractors to manage risk. Not waste time trying to operationally assess safety management from truck loads of paper work.