NSW Court Confirms Dangers of Controlling Contractor Safety Arrangements

Two principle contractors who issued safe work method statements and directed safety activities for its contractors have been found guilty under WHS Act (NSW) 2011. The case also shows that by principles retaining control and allowing the contractor to be asleep at the wheel, safety outcomes were also made worse. Read the analysis here.

Separation of Responsibility

I had a great time presenting at the Safety Institute of Australia’s Visions Conference last week on all matters to do with managing contractor safety. The position around managing contractor safety is now very clear. I have attached my presentation from the conference for you which outlines the key concepts relating to the extent to … Read more

Owners Corporations and Obligations Owed for Safety

I often see advertisements offering WOHS (workplace/ occupational health and safety) inspections for strata title buildings. I also speak to Owners Corporations (OC) Committee’s, usually made up of residential owners, who are concerned about their obligations for WOHS for contractors and others. So, let’s clear it up. Strata title OC Committees of solely residential properties … Read more

Q & A

With so many systems on the market place dealing with contracts and contractor management, particularly around safety, we thought it might be useful to answer some of the common questions up front.   What makes ContractorSAFE unique? ContractorSAFE focuses on assisting principle contractors efficiently demonstrate due diligence when engaging contractors by confirming contractors have adequate … Read more

Is ContractorSAFE too simple?

As a safety professional, what we don’t want to do is use the law to avoid taking real action to ensure peoples safety including that of contractors. However, my experience is that the process of engaging contractors has become so burdensome and complex that employers end up doing nothing because it is too hard and … Read more

The Problem with Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

When SWMS were first put into regulations they were meant to be an on the job tool to help workers and employers consider specific high risk tasks, develop risk controls to manage those risks and document them. In guidance material issued by WorkSafe Victoria in 2010 a SWMS is described as “a safety planning tool … Read more

Employer Responsibilities

The responsibilities of employers to contractors is now very clear. The key concept is matters over which each party has control. In a recent WorkSafe Victoria Health and Safety Week presentation these concepts were clearly articulated by Karen Willis from Trusafety Solutions and endorsed by Worksafe Victoria. ContractorSAFE is reflects these principles and is the … Read more