Increasing Awareness of COR – ABC 774 Interview

While listening to ABC 774 today I heard a discussion of the horrific accident involving a heavy vehicle which resulted in the tragic deaths of four police officers. During the discussion a caller commented that there needs to be a way to prevent heavy vehicle drivers from being pressured into taking drugs to stay awake. … Read more

The 4 Pillars of Contractor Safety Management

I presented a webinar yesterday in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Health and Safety setting out the simplest and most effective formula for managing contractor safety. It improves safety, massively reduces administration and correctly reflects how the law is applied to the contractor/ PC relationship. The framework uses 4 pillars to 1 – Prequalify … Read more

NSW R v Sapform – A Problematic Decision

In NSW a contractor was fined $450K following the death of a sub contractor who fell when laying suspended form work and was impaled on protruding bars. Whilst I have no difficulty with the site PC being held responsible for managing work at heights at the site. I am concerned that the Contractor was held … Read more

The Myth of Non- Delegable WHS Duties

Whenever I post about contractor safety management someone inevitably pipes in that all WHS duties are non-delegable and therefore a Principal Contractor is liable for their contractors safety management. This is a myth (for a couple of reasons) and misunderstands the WHS Construction regulations in every jurisdiction. Under ALL WHS regulation the owner of a … Read more

Managing Covid 101

WOSH Duty – identify operations that expose workers to Covid .e.g health care and implement reasonably practicable controls. 1 – eliminate exposure e.g. don’t take passengers in cab of tow truck/ work from home 2- isolate e.g. install physical barriers in a taxi 3 – substitute e.g. online/ telephone vs face to face 4 – … Read more

Toll Data Breach – A Warning for Others

Under the banner of chain of responsibility employers in the transport industry are coercing transport operators and drivers to hand over personal and commercially sensitive information e.g. licenses, vehicle data and travel information, without any legal basis to do so. If you do this you are required to keep that information secure. If it leaks … Read more

Industrial Manslaughter and Contractor Management

A topic grabbing everyone’s attention at the moment is industrial manslaughter and as always fear is in the air. Principal Contractors may think the best course of action is to take more control of contractors operations when the opposite is needed. The more control you take the more liability you have. Make sure your contractors … Read more

COR Vehicle Maintenance Obligations – Don’t Get Spooked

I have just read in an opinion piece with the following comment “Other CoR parties’ (other than drivers and transport operators) maintenance responsibilities are only likely to be triggered where they observe a vehicle defect. In this case, their responsibilities are likely to involve not permitting the use of the unsafe or defective heavy vehicle … Read more

3rd Party Auditing – The Slippery Slope Into Liability

Engaging specialist 3rd party’s to assess and approve the safety arrangements of contractors is sadly quite common place these days (its a bit of a money spinner). Many of these companies offer services where they establish complex systems and criteria against which they asses contractor safety management. They collect contractor documentation, review it, go back … Read more