The Tragedy of Chain of Responsibility

It was meant to be a watershed moment in the regulation of safety in the transport industry. It was meant to result in all users of heavy vehicles having a good hard look at themselves. It was meant to ensure drivers did not carry the brunt of the majority of enforcement activity. It was meant … Read more

Hotel Quarantine

So do we think there are grounds for WorkSafe Victoria to prosecute the security guard who while employed as a security guard, and owing duties under the OHS Act engaged in sexual intercourse with persons in quarantine, who are assumed to have civod until the expiry of quarantine or testing proves otherwise, recklessly exposing themselves … Read more

Some Light Reading …..

I am just preparing some content for a client presentation and rereading the above case and it is just fantastic. I really encourage anyone who wants to understand the law as it applies to Principal Contractors and their independent contractors in respect of safety to read it. It is quite long but well written and … Read more

The Law of Imputation and Industrial Manslaughter

There seems to be some confusion that the principal of imputation of conduct will extend the reach of the Industrial Manslaughter legislation to employees and others e.g. those with management and control of a workplace (supervisors) This is incorrect. Imputing the conduct of a worker to a company means that the company is held to … Read more

KMQ Decision – Read Very Carefully

A recent decision by the Victorian Supreme Court refusing leave to appeal by a quarry (KMQ) against a conviction for a contractors death does not undermine the 2012 Baiada v The Queen High Court decision or extend liability for management of risks arising from a contractors work to Principal Contractors. It actually baffles my as … Read more

ContractorLIFE – Episode 2

In this episode Mary the Maintenance Manager and Peter the Perfect Plumber grapple with contractor induction without much success….. Enjoy! View Here  

ContractorLIFE – Episode 1

For the First webinar of the Four Pillars of Contractor Safety Management Series – Contractor Prequalification I made a little video. …. Enjoy ! Don’t forget you can still enrol for the workshops here or View Here

Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

A linkedin connection recently sent me a link to a webinar they attended conducted by a very large online OHS software company in conjunction with a very large OHS consulting firm. The content was based on 4 elements of contractor management …. mmm eerily familiar. Sadly that’s where the similarity ended as the content was … Read more

Lets See Where This Goes

The CFMMEU has launched legal action in the Federal Court alleging that the failure to provide a copy of a documented worksite safety management plan amounted to obstructing or hindering an Authorised Representative of a Registered Employee Organisation (ARREO). Now ,on entry an ARREO has the power to inspect plant, substance or any other thing … Read more