Issuing Permits to Work to Independent Contractors …. Are You Mad?!

Principle Contractors (lets call them PC group 1) often tell me (and I see when reviewing contractor management systems) that they issue independent contractors with permits to work to undertake work. To be clear permits to work under WOHS regulations are a risk management process to manage high risk tasks to confirm that prescribed risk control processes have been implemented e.g. implementing systems to maintain communication with workers inside a confined space and monitor entry and exit of the space. If as a Principle Contractor you are taking control of this process and issuing permits for your independent contractors you are mad (sorry)! However, gladly, what I usually see are authorisation to work processes, where the Principle Contractor (lets call them PC group 2) is confirming that the overall job can commence. I suggest we tidy up our language to be clear. If you identify with PC group 1 I look forward to chatting with you 🙂