Q & A

With so many systems on the market place dealing with contracts and contractor management, particularly around safety, we thought it might be useful to answer some of the common questions up front.


What makes ContractorSAFE unique?

ContractorSAFE focuses on assisting principle contractors efficiently demonstrate due diligence when engaging contractors by confirming contractors have adequate systems in place to manage their own health and safety


How does ContractorSAFE help us meet our legal obligations for contractor safety?

By ensuring Principle Contractors do not interfere in contractor’s safety arrangements BUT confirming what Principle Contractors and the contractors they hire are responsible for in respect of health and safety. ContractorSAFE collects and stores safe work method statements for regulated high risk work.


How does ContractorSAFE help us administer our contractors?
ContractorSAFE will automatically remind contractors when their insurances are due. ContractorSAFE creates a central database with contractor details and status. The Administrator is also automatically advised when insurances are due.

Are there any other similar systems or programs available?

Yes, however contractors and employers say they are very complex, expensive and require assessment of contractor safety arrangements result in Principle Contractors interfering in contractor’s safety arrangements and increasing their liability.

Is it adaptable to other online systems used by our organisation?

Yes, it is totally interactive with most HR/ payroll systems.

Does ContractorSAFE have the ability to have add-on modules?

Yes, we can provide add-on modules including induction and visitor management systems.

How is ContractorSAFE so cost effective?

By focusing on assisting principle contractors demonstrate due diligence and reducing interference in contractor safety arrangements the system is highly efficient by allowing less complex data management or any requirement for external review of contractor arrangements.

Can ContractorSAFE be implemented across multiple sites and locations?

ContractorSAFE is applicable across all Australian legal jurisdictions and can be used across multiple locations and sites.

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