Tragic Crash will put COR Changes Under the Spotlight

The truck related crash on the Murray Valley Highway over the weekend which devastated a family, will no doubt see the changes to the National Heavy Vehicle Law (NHVL), which came into effect on 1 October 2018, put to the test. As a result of those changes, all parties in the chain of responsibility need to look closely at their own operations and identify where they can impact on the safety of transport operations vs focusing on the operations of others in the chain, where they do not have (real) control of influence. As tragic as this incident is, I am very concerned that it is going to send the transport industry into overdrive and result in parties in the chain, out of fear, going back to the unhelpful practices which were intended to be stopped by the changes to the NHVL such as endlessly chasing down driver licenses, vehicle registrations, maintenance records, drug test results from transport operators etc rather than focusing on what will really prevent these kinds of incidents which is every party in the chain carefully and proactively understanding and managing the risks arising from their own undertaking and over which they have control.

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