A Fantastic Decision

Western Australian District Court Judge Troy Sweeney has confirmed the importance of clearly delineating the work of contractors and coordination of that work by a Principal Contractor and confirms that a Principal Contractor is not responsible for directing the methods of work of those contractors. The case is very very long but very very good … Read more

FM Association Conference

To all my facilities management colleagues I am presenting at the FM Association Conference. Hope to see you there. Click here for more information Sue

Be Warned – Meddle at Your Peril

In a recent case, two employers, a Principal Contractor and a Contractor, were fined after a worker was killed when operating a pile driver. Why was the Principal Contractor prosecuted and fined I ask? As usual, the Principal Contractor got themselves involved in the work methods of the contractor When pile driving the contractor’s worker … Read more

Happy Friday

“The contention that a Principal Contractor is responsible for the methods of work employed by an independent contractor, including their management of safety in respect of that work is one of the greatest health and safety myths of all time. Sue Bottrell Lawyer/ Chartered OHS Professional

Contractor Safety Management on Hazardous Sites

In a fantastic workshop yesterday in Melbourne, there was a great discussion about contractor safety at hazardous worksites. In line with case law, Principal Contractors at hazardous work sites are entitled to rely upon contractors to manage risks arising from their work, BUT must take greater care to confirm that contractors are aware of site … Read more