Contractor Management in the Gig Economy

Uber has announced changes to its contract with Food Delivery Riders (FDR), to ensure that FDR’s are clearly independent contractors, and responsible for managing their own health and safety. While we might be concerned at exploitation of FDR’s (yes we have all seen them puffing away in the pouring rain), the law supports Uber’s position. … Read more

See you in 2021

At the end of a complex year take sometime. we are fortunate to have full professional lives with many challenges which is why we love it but stop, simplify and breathe. I plan to rock on my cabin verandah with my dog and not think about contractors for at least an hour.. See you in … Read more

McConnell Dowell Constructors Here is the Problem.

NSW District Court Judge Russell has held that 1 – a Principal Contractor does not owe an obligation to direct a contractor in how it is to undertake its work, where it does not have the requisite skills or knowledge but 2 – it does have such a duty where it has knowledge of the … Read more

The Model Code of Practice: Construction Work. Monitoring Contractor SWMS. What Does It Really Mean?

The Model CoP states that a Principal Contractor must “monitor” a contractors SWMS. When considered in the context of the legal position adopted over the last 100 years by the High Court and all Australian superior Courts it cannot mean that a PC is responsible for monitoring implementation or compliance of contractors with their own … Read more

SafeWork NSW v J & CG Constructions Pty Limited – [2020] NSWDC 614 A Good Clarification of PC Duties for Site Risks but Not Quite Right on SWMS.

A Judge has confirmed that a Principle Contractor has obligations to manage the risk of falls from heights when a formworker fell 6 metres from a second floor, due to a void in scaffolding. The Judge observed that it is often the case that a sub-contractor is found to be more culpable than a principal … Read more

Hotel Security Debacle – The Pain of Prequalification Without Any Benefit

A security firm engaged as part of the hotel quarantine program was prequalified by CM3, an extensive and complex online contractor prequalification program which requests extensive evidence of safety management, usually through supply of documentation in an attempt to confirm on the ground safety management. The quarantine outbreak calls into question the benefit of putting … Read more

Seascape Construction – Possible Conviction in Error?

Recently it was reported that a Principal Contractor, Seascape Constructions, was convicted and fine $850K for 1 – failing to ensure the safety of persons other than it’s employee’s from risks arising from its undertaking when a contractor fell from a second floor and was killed and 2 – failing to issue SWMS to contractors … Read more